About 50 minutes into tonights game between England and Andorra I realised that the time has finally come to disband the England football team. Whilst Northern Ireland with practically no established players were beating Sweden in the same way they recently beat Spain, our team were struggling to break down the minnows who reside on a small patch of land somewhere in the vicinity of Spain.

Some people are calling for Steve McLaren to be sacked but if you recall Sven was equally unpopular and we certainly haven’t improved since he left. Remember Keegan ? He was a joke.  Wilkinson ? Taylor ? The list goes on and yet all of these men came into the job with some degree of support from the public and media. They all had successful club careers but somehow were miserable failures with the national team. Clearly managerial changes make no differance to the side so perhaps we should look at the players. Ok so we have Lampard of Chelsea, Rooney of ManU, Gerrard of Liverpool etc etc All of them highly paid professionals and among the best players you will see play Champions League football this year. However put them together and they have the combined talent of a bunch of quadraplegic frogs trying to play hopscotch on a slew of lily pads floating across the English channel.

This inability to perform for the national team is nothing new since our team was a complete disgrace throughout the 1970’s despite the success enjoyed by our club teams in Europe.
This leads to only one conclusion : People don’t like playing for or managing England so to get out of it they play deliberately badly so they can be relieved of their duties and return to club football where there is more money to be earned. Therefore we should call it quits and put ourselves out of our misery since having the worlds worst cricket and rugby teams is humiliating enough as it is.