Eat your heart out Liverpool !!!


There is a chance that for the second time in three years Liverpool could win the European cup this season. As an Everton fan this is something that is hard for me to accept. I like many feel that Everton probably would have won the competition if we had been able to compete in it with our 1985 championship winning team. Maybe if the English teams had not been banned from Europe then Howard Kendall would never have left and perhaps we wouldn’t have gone into the rapid decline that we have only recently started to come back from.

A lot changes in twenty years and Liverpool fans are probably also looking back to the halcion days of the mid eighties when their team would win European trophies as well as the domestic title. Sadly for them they are no nearer to winning the English title now than they were when Graeme Souness was at the helm back in 1992. Mismanagement on and off the field contributed to their decline through the nineties and during same time frame Manchester United came into a vast amount of money due to their unparalleled levels of success. Chelsea recently came into similar riches through other means but the end result is that not even the once great Liverpool can seriously compete for the domestic title any longer. The fans of the club are hoping the new American owners will bring plenty of cash with them but Aston Villa fans were hoping for the same thing earlier this season and despite the best efforts of a rich yank owner and Britains best manager they are currently battling relegation.

It may seem odd that Liverpool are good enough to win the crown as the best team in Europe but not even in contention to be the best of British. The reality is that the Champions League is no more a barometer of true quality than the FA cup is. Usually the best teams will come out on top but in any cup competition that has only a limited number of games there is a good chance that something flukey will happen and the team you least expect will win.

In contrast the Premiership is now rather like Serie A was in the mid eighties. There are lots of good teams but you need someone truly world class to win the title. Napoli needed Maradona when he was the best player in the world to win their Italian titles and their reign only ended when AC Milan had the combined powers of Van Basten and Gullitt to propel them on their way. Both men were certainly among the very best players in the world at the time. Today United have Ronaldo whilst Chelsea have Cech the best keeper in the game and Shevchenko and Drogba easily among the best strikers. Liverpool on the other hand have a lot of good players but only Gerrard stands out among them and he is not yet in the class of the all time greats who have graced the game.

Until the koppites can find someone of the quality of Ronaldinho to help their cause then they will have to content themselves with 3rd or 4th place in the premiership and that is the one thing that keeps Everton fans from completely giving up on football altogether.