McFarlane toys recently announced that they are to release a new line of Bon Jovi action figures. After years of being overlooked by the toy manufacturing industry the greatest rock band of all time will soon be found in nurseries around the nation. As a long time Bon Jovi fan my delight at this news is tinged with a little sadness that nobody thought of doing this twenty years ago ! It was in about 1983 while riding the school bus home that I realised “Living on a Prayer” was the finest piece of music ever recorded and twenty four years later my opinion has not changed. I am going to be camping out at Walmart the night before the mini Jovi’s are released so I can buy one for my daughter and each of my nephews. When I was a youngster a little JBJ and Richie would have been the perfect addition to my toy cupboard. Just imagine if I had been able to play with them alongside the A-Team men I had ? For one thing the A-team van is your stereotypical amp transporting type of vehicle and for another thing have you ever seen two guys who look more like roadies than B.A. and Murdoch ? Hannibal would have been an ideal manager for the band although Face would have had to find a new home as there is only room for one pretty boy in the group.

I can imagine the fun I would have had when I was simulating Red Leaders unsuccessful x-wing fighter attack on the death star if JBJ was there to sing a dying tribute as the fat spaceman went down in a blaze of glory. Skeletors Castle Grey Skull would have been an awesome location for the mini rockers to do a gig and Barbies pool party an ideal destination in my sisters room for the after show party. I always hoped that the day would come when I could get my own Bon Jovi for ten bucks and for the last 25 years I have just tried to keep the faith.