It came as a huge surprise to me last night to discover that the blonde chick who has been an integral part of “The Others” since the start is oddly enough still one of “The Others.”  I don’t know which is worse, Jacks incredible stupidity or Matthew Fox’s acting.  Every time Fox speaks he goes through a 5 minute routine of rapid breathing, face twitching and sarcastic smiles before blurting out a series of monosyllabic breathy statements before raising his eyebrows and of course his voice.  I can only assume that after years of filming in the jungle Fox has developed some form of allergy related asthma.  Lousy actor in a lousy role.  The writers intentionally or not have turned Jack into a complete idiot who is either suffering from Stockholm syndrome or amnesia.   The Others are bad Jack.  They kill plane survivors, kidnap children and they are ruled by the guy who played the serial killer Hinks on “The Pratcise”.  I would have killed Hinks the minute he showed up with his crack pot story about being a black guy in a hot air balloon !  “The Practise” was on prior to “Lost” so you would have thought that someone like Bernard (What the hell ever happened to him anyway ?) would have said “Hey that bug eyed midget is Hinks from The Practise! ” the minute he appeared on the beach.

I really hate that fat guy Tom from the Capital One commercials as well.  I don’t know how Saed manages to get captured and disarmed every time he has an opportunity to kill him and I can’t see how Sawyer ever swindled anyone since he is little more than a slapstick clown figure who can’t walk more than a few yards without incurring some kind of painful bodily injury in mildly amusing fashion.  Kate is another one who annoys me.  Supposedly she is a cold blooded killer and fugitive but other than having a girly catfight with Mrs Liar last week she isn’t exactly living up to her past reputation as a hellion.  It is about time the survivors got their act together and massacred the others.  No questions asked, no snooping around, no plans involving either Locke’s brain or Jack’s diplomacy but rather a good old fashioned shoot ’em up.   Sadly the only bug eyed midget likely to be killed off this year is our favourite hobit Charlie.