There was a spoiler online a while back which suggested the final four of the “All star Amazing Race” would include team Cha cha cha as well as Charla and Mirna.  Everybody who had ever seen the show knew this was a complete lie as there was no way in hell these teams would actually be in contention for the grand prize.   How could we all get it so wrong ?  I never had anything against the boys from Miami but I never imagined that stopping to buy fruit or taking lemonade breaks would be prove to be winning tactics.       I don’t have anything against Charla either but Mirna is something else.   For some odd reason she seems to find it necessary to imitate peoples accents in whichever country she happens to be in even though she is speaking English.  A few weeks ago we heard her doing an African accent and most recently she was trying to do a Chinese accent.  I don’t know if she realises that the key to being understood is in speaking either your own language or someone elses language properly and not in speaking your own language whilst doing a bad impersonation of Nelson Mandela or Fu Manchu.  Mirna must have inspired more reality TV fans to throw bricks at their televisions than anybody since Mike Boogie first wandered onto our screens several years ago and made our lives miserable for a few weeks one summer until thankfully he got the boot from “Big Brother 2”. 

The “All star” as a whole has been a heck of a lot better than the “Survivor” version on which half the cast either quit or made it obvious they wanted to be on the first plane out of there.  Everyone on this show seemed to want to participate except for one of the NYC baldies who did a pathetic impression of Charlie Chaplin as he “accidentally” stumbled and hurt himself more than once to waste time and ultimately decided to drive at the speed of a milk float until finally Phil the half alien/ half South African host put him and his buddy out of their misery.  I was pretty annoyed about that because on their first season the lads had been pretty entertaining.  Perhaps they were lost without Emily and Nancy who were much tougher and far funnier than most of this shows participants but were sadly overlooked by the casting director. 

The old gay guys didn’t live up to there evil ways either and in fact they evolved into a couple of sentimental old windbags who spent more time hugging than cooking up inventive skullduggery which was the only thing that made them “Allstars” to begin with.  Overall though Miss California is pretty cute but I think Miss NY odd looking and of the teams left I wish Miss C would team up with Oswald since they are the two most stylish and like-able folks left.