Clockwise left to right: (Julie, Flo and Zach,Richard Hatch, Don Heinz,Toni)

1.Richard Hatch:  Before Survivor there wasn’t much “reality TV” on the major networks so the stars of that show set the tone of what was to become a new and popular genre.  Richard Hatch a slightly rotund openly gay man with an affinity for public nudity was to become the first reality villain as he deliberately made himself unpopular so as to stay in the game because everyone thought they could beat him in the popularity contest that was to be the final vote.  Hatch though was smart enough to ally himself with some particularly odious figures and ultimately despite being branded as a “snake” he walked away with the million dollars.  In typical villainous fashion Hatch decided not to pay taxes on his earnings a mistake that caused him to be sent to the big house.  He recently described that experience as “horrendous” but surely it couldn’t have been worse than being couped up on that island with Sue, Rudy and Jeff Probst’s wit or can it ?

2.Julie:  The Real World was the first reality TV show of modern times and it has had it’s fair share of villains but the person who stands out to me is a young lady who seemed so sweet and innocent to begin with: Julie.  After years of appearing on spin offs Julie decided to dump her nice girl naive Mormon persona and actually try to murder fellow contestant Veronica by trying to unhook her safety harness during a climbing challenge.  Nice one psycho. 

3. Toni Ferrari.  Star (?) of “Love Cruise” and “Paradise Hotel,” two of Fox’s short lived and most dismal reality TV offerings, Toni mastered the “Psychotic stare” that is now her trademark. 

4. Don Heinz (Colonial House) This largely unnoticed PBS show documented a group of people trying to emulate the early pilgrims who came to the US.  Initially as parson Don was a popular figure with liberal and tolerant ideas for the community.  However when the elected leader left town Don took over and before long initiated a reign of terror that almost caused a wholescale mutiny.  This was the kind of attitude that is epitomised in Lincoln’s famous quote about power.  Thanks for illustrating history for us Don you nutter.

5. Will Kirby (Big Brother 2) A smoother, more charming and better looking version of Richard Hatch.  He only comes in at 5 because refining the art of cunning is not as praiseworthy as inventing it.

6. Flo Pesenti (Amazing Race 3)  For every guy who feels that women can be completely unreasonable Flo is here to prove them right.  Lunatic Flo yelled and screamed at her poor team mate Zach all the way to the finish line.  Hilariously she berated him all the way to the prize since she mistakenly believed they were in last place.  On discovering they had won she smiled as if that suddenly made everything OK.  By this time Zach was more delighted to get away from her than to win the money. 

7. Dilana (Rock star Supernova) From Texas but with a bizarre South African sounding accent this Diva livened up the show with frequent violent outbursts that horrified host Dave Navarro.  Despite Dave’s best efforts to undermine her state of mind Dilana proved popular with the audience and is probably the only contestant with a promising future in the biz.

8. Larissa Meeks (Average Joe Hawaii)  Aside from being the only woman stupid enough to fall for this set up after we had already seen Average Joe 1 on TV, Larissa disappointed a nation by letting superficiality come in the way of love.  Ultimately though her dalliance with Fabio was to be her undoing but just when you thought she couldn’t be any more irritating she said she had only participated in the show “for the art”.  Delusional as well as shallow.  Nice combination.

9. Johnny Fairplay (Survivor) Another in the Hatch mould but the “Grandma died” routine was evil at it’s most brilliant.  Twisted maniac but great villain.

10.  Omarosa. (The Apprentice)  She was widely despised on the show and even tried to turn her much anticipated exit into a race controversy.  Thereafter though Omarosa softened up a little on the “Surreal Life” by seeming normal comapred with Janice Dickenson and this is why she falls all the way to number 10 in the list of villains.