I had always wondered why the writers of “Lost” seemed to think that Scottish people called everybody “Brother.”  Last night that mystery was solved as we discovered that between stints as a runaway groom good old Desmond was actually a “Brother.”  Des has had quite an up and down life really from Celtic fan to fiancee to monk to drunk to fiancee again to crappy interviewer loser to jogger to yachstman to button pusher and finally to psychic.  When all of this is said and done he is going to be one of those nutty drunks who bores people at pubs in Glasgow with fantastical tales that nobody believes. 

I was surprised when Charlie was killed inside the first 3 minutes since it was so unLost-ish to have something happen within the first 53 minutes of an episode.  Never fear when a psychic is near and it turned out to be a harmless vision.  Well relatively harmless although for a while there it did seem as if Dessie was intent on being the only Brit with a funny accent on the show as he lead the hobbit perlilously close to death.  Frankly I am ready for the hobit to go.  We all know his numbers is up the only question is which number is his ?  4, 8, 15, 16, 23 or perhaps 42 ? 

Another fellow who I was beginning to think had kicked the bucket was Bernard but last night Sawyer indicated that the old romantic was still alive and kicking.  Talking of which I wonder how the two pointless red herring characters that got buried alive are doing ?  I am hoping they come back at some point just because I hate to think the producers dragged us through their whole boring back story for absolutely no reason other than to pass a re-cap episode past us without anyone noticing.  Ohh well I guess we’ll see but with 4 episodes left I am hoping there is time for someone with some sense (which basically means it has to be Jin or Sun) will knock off the blond other and her unshaven pig headed boyfriend Jack.  Fingers crossed but I fear it may be another 23 episodes before Charlie even  croaks !