It was bound to happen the minute a shady deal was struck with the beauty queens but all the same I was sad to see Danny and Oswald join the scrap heap of fading reality TV stars by being eliminated on Sunday night.  I didn’t care for the flamboyant fellows on their first season but as I became increasingly irritated with their “allstar” opponents I found myself rooting for the dynamic duo but alas their goose has finally been cooked.

With those two out of the way I am having a hard time trying to decide who to support for the last leg.  The beauty queens have some obvious qualities although I like the short one much more than the taller horsey looking one and on the previews for next weeks show it looks as though big blonde goes ape on small blonde which doesn’t bode well for their chances.  I guess I could just support shorty and hope that she figures out a way to ditch her partner and clone herself during the last leg and cross the finish line first.  Phil never seems particularly interested in what is going on anyway so I am sure he wouldn’t even notice, just as long as he sees two blonde pony tails on the mat.

I have a lot of respect for Charla considering not only the physical disadvantage that she has had to overcome but also the mental disadvantage that comes from being on a team with Mirna.  I couldn’t believe it last night when Mirna revealed that she deliberately tries to immitate foreigners accents during the race because she thinks it will make her easier to understand !  All this time I had put it down to either a subconcious mishap or brain damage but apparently it is part of her strategy.  Next time I am in Canada I will have to try that  aye.

The last team in contention are also the most insignificant.  I have watched every season of the show and yet I have absolutely no idea who the hell Eric and Danielle are.  I can only assume that I am the victim of some kind of “Truman show” stunt where history is being re-written and I am being tricked into thinking that I have seen these two grumpy whingebags before.  I don’t know where Danielle shops but she may want to try going to a regular clothes shop rather than a scuba diving store next time she picks out a suitable outfit for racing around the world in.  Everywhere she has been she has worn her skin tight rubber diving outfit.  No wonder she looks so bloody miserable the whole time as she must have all kinds of nasty sweat rashes under that suit.   Eric on the other hand does a great job of demeaning women by referring to anyone who outwits him as a “dirty whore.”  Nice going curley perhaps there is a reason your buddy from the last season didn’t want to team up with you again.  I thought it was pretty funny that Eric whinged so much that Danny went from feeling “guilty” for yielding him to having “NO REGRETS” by the end of Sundays show.  The fact that Eric upset my boys from Miami means that I can’t cheer him and sweaty face on in the final so it’s got to be Dustin and clone Dustin and if that fails then I hope Charla wins by herself after Mirna gets decked in Glasgow for mocking Scottish accents or something.  Here’s hoping !!